Concerning The Kingdom Of God

Romans 14:17 "For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit".

The focus of the Kingdom should always be paramount in the body of Christ and so to speak, our church structure.
It is interesting that the first case the Apostles had to deal with in the book of Acts concerning the Church was the inequity seen during the "serving of tables".

It is very clear that it was not the main reason for the church but it had the potential to cause a lot of chaos in the church. Spirit-filled men had to be appointed to handle that aspect so that the Apostles could give themselves to the Word and Prayer.
The point I want to drive home is that as members in the body of Christ we should see that every role one is given in the local church is very crucial in promoting the agenda of Christ for His Body. It might not be directly linked to the focus as I pointed in the opening scripture but the advancement of the body depends on how each of us contributes.

The cleaner, security guard and any seemingly trivial worker (permit me to use these examples) who might not be seen to be directly contributing should be accorded much respect. Such persons should also value their role and do it as unto God.
As the world is growing at a fast pace the body of Christ will face different issues even as we are humans with different levels of Spiritual Maturity and Convictions, some new roles will come up so that we keep our focus on the Word and Prayer. I am not implying that such persons should neglect the Word and Prayer. We see the powerful Testimony Stephen who was appointed to serve tables had."Jesus Christ standing on the right hand of the father" when he was being stoned to death.
Value every role you play in the body and God will reward your Labour of Love.