"Say Cheese!!", I think that is what I heard him say,
That helped to draw a smile on her face.
"You are good for the camera, photogenic".
I guess that's where it all ends, camera's view

Her cheeks "mountained" at the "cheese".
What an awesome sight to behold!
May this "raise" affect my fufu & ab3nkwan this evening, I prayed.
But the cheeks "valleyed" just after the "krr3",
what an anticlimax!!! I guess that's the farthest we go, camera's view.

I know my wife very well; )k)n)re Yaa.
This image created by the "krr3", Is this my very own wife on this printed paper?
Wow!, I guess my pot of wisdom & deception leaks.
How come I didn't see this, Ebei m'ara Kweku Ananse.

Ntikuma ee!! don't be wowed by their images,
What you see is not what there is.
Again, don't envy these fake wannabees,
Their camera captured a moment's outward disposition.
They can create any personality they want, Camera tricks.

My son, you remember the advice I gave you;
That model your life after the classy Egya Koo Nimo, I retract that advice.
I learned he makes up for the cameras and public shows.
Be content with who you are and what you have.
For all you know, all his affluence and social stature are Camera-carved.