God, The Master Iconoclast

When you think you know Him so much, He displays an unexpected image of Himself. Your cherished beliefs which have earned you so much social and religious applause are challenged and your misappropriated view of who God is exposed.

You realize that you might have innocently created a God in your image; a framework designed to fit God into. The All-powerful One lovingly shatters this framework bringing the sincere believer to his knees and confesses that "Ah, at last, my finitude is staring me in the face. I can but know you O God by the Holy Spirit. Search the deep things and reveal them to your humble servant".

The believer, with much trembling, returns to the deep eternal cistern to be refreshed over and over again with the eternal waters and fed with the bread of life.

This is one description of how He gets us broken for His sake, drawing us into deep fellowship to behold the deep things which our mouths cannot utter. We burst forth with Praises and Adoration saying,

"Holy!, Holy!, Holy!, Lord God Almighty.
The heavens and earth are full of the majesty and splendour of your glory. Indeed your ways are 'past finding out' "