I Pray You Extinct

I pray you extinct like the dinosaurs
With your lips soaked with the songs of Solomon
You influence the layman with your affluence
Whose skin is bleached by this economic harmattan
To take decisions the affect himself badly

I pray you extinct with no traces of your fossils
Because your presence never brings to us good tidings
The peace and harmony that we enjoyed
Is now an asset a miracle can bring to us
You leave us in pain and turmoil

I pray you extinct with no history to the posterity
For your selfish steps wrecks this nation
We are now nicknamed Josephs
For we always dream of happiness
Which is now not a word in our lexicon

I pray you extinct with no mercies from above
For you plant distraction
With your wooing talents given you from above
You come as harmless as doves
But dwell with us as eagles

I pray you extinct and return no more
For we have unfolded the blindfold
With a microscopic make-up
To detect your rotten intentions
So that we may make wise decisions.