It was Indigestion

He always stayed late to be the first voice.
The voice she will hear at the break of the new day.
Like a midwife during labour, ever-present to welcome her birth.
His was to her birthday but things had changed.

Things felt different this time. He remembers all the rehearsals.
Like the opening act at the theatre, he put in the effort to make the best impression.
First impressions always count, they say. Well, he made 2 counts.
The eve of her birthday always burdened him to make another “first” impression.

The curtains have been lowered.
Everything else faded into insignificance but unfortunately, he was part of it.
He however looks at the bright side.
He doesn’t have to worry about being present at 11:59 pm to perform the opening act.
It was fun while it lasted - sweet delusions.
But I guess Golde was right. It was Indigestion.