You have a beautiful smile.
This step started their journey that spans a mile
A journey to be made by distant hearts to become tightly knit
Oh, I was referring to the Man In Love's Energy - mile
Because this is all that is required to make it.

I can't afford anything but a compliment
So I must carefully carve my words on her mind, I thought
Her skin is really glowing tonight
Should I tell her it can brighten our path?
What a good introduction to asking her out!

Days spent together felt like fleeting seconds.
Staying in a single room with four others,
I only enjoyed some privacy when chatting under the dew.
Did I say privacy? That is a lie, the mosquitoes kept us company.

This is the day the Lord has made
And I am glad and rejoice in it.
It took a baby step of adoring what I saw
They think I won because of the bride price I could afford
But when you ask, she admits I stole her heart by just a compliment.