The Executhieves

We are now at the crossroads,
No, I mean “cross-seas” and must cross over.
Moses had a rod to part the sea but,
What will this Executive expect to see?
And how will I get him to sign for me?
I think I have an idea, a brown envelope is what I need.

Why do you speak about me with contempt?
Is it wrong to get my piece of the National Cake?
You know I don’t have a knife in my office
But I must get my cut from your contract.
Ahaaa!!, my pen comes in handy to execute this deed.
I'm just using the right tool for the right job, you know right?

The pen is said to be mightier than the sword
But this maxim has evolved; the pen is the sword.
It is used to signify great power of revolution by writers;
The power of the crusading voices of wordsmiths.
The Executives have given it a new meaning and usage.
The pen is mightily used to cut Lion's share of our nation's fortunes.

Don’t you know he is the Chief Executive?
He has invented a new use for his pen.
His pen demands a brown envelope ink before he signs contracts.
His signature has given approval for our poor standard of living.
They are just thieves in suits; men hailed for the harm they cause.
I call them EXECUTHIEVES because all they do is Execute their Thievery.